“Here you will find a little bit of everything. Historic villages, hot fountains, mountain communities dedicated to design, the world’s largest waves, castles, canals, cherries and wines. In such a multifaceted region – so steeped in history – travelers will gather glimpses, records of life and memory, in a destination that defies any definition and that holds a surprise at every step.”

in Center of Portugal

Did you know that…

Coimbra is a great starting point to explore the Central Region of Portugal?

Coimbra is less than an hour’s drive or train journey from other cities and locations in the Central Region?

Roman ruins of Conímbriga (16 minutes – 17 km)

Do you want to travel to Roman times? Get ready then! A few minutes away from Coimbras you will find Conímbriga. “The ancient city of the Roman province of Lusitania is the best and largest set of Roman ruins in Portugal. The most valuable and best preserved national archaeological finding impresses by its size and beauty. Conímbriga is a city equipped with a thermal complex, amphitheater, forum, and aqueduct, no one is indifferent to the elaborate and artistic floors of noble houses. With emphasis, of course, for the House of water springs.” In Vagamundos

Schist Villages of Serra da Lousã (50 minutes) – 42 km

Here is the amazing place where time has stopped! Do not hurry. Make a good use of all your senses! Just breathe and fill your lungs with the fresh air of the Lousã Mountain Range. Walk through the meander streets with houses made of shale and wander around the picturesque craft shops. Delight your palate in one of the many unique typical taverns. Continue walking and stop at one of the many viewpoints with breathtaking landscapes! Do not leave without going for a dive in one of the many river beaches, with their impressive waterfalls. Hiking
enthusiast? There are trails and paths to walk along while enjoying the green mountain scenery. Mountain biking fan? There are several great routes and of course the spot known as the “village of the great pedaling”.

Figueira da Foz- (40 minutes – 50km)

With Summer just around the corner, nothing better than enjoying the beaches of the Coimbra Region. Just 40 minutes away from Coimbra you will find the beautiful beaches of Figueira da Foz. Drive along the largest Portuguese river, the Mondego, continuing the journey to the river’s mouth, to recover energies in its extensive golden sands. Along the way, let yourself be
amazed by the charms of natural landscapes, following the trails of the Route of Castles and Walls of Mondego. If you are a surf fan, take the board and treat yourself to the biggest wave on the beach.

Bairrada, Serra do Bussaco and Curia (30 minutes – 32Km)

The Serra do Bussaco is a magical place, which was protected by papal decree in the sixteenth century and later transformed into a fabulous retreat isolated from the rest of the world. There are incredible routes that lead us to century old trees, lakes, and cruises, where we find remarkable places such as the Valley of the Ferns or the Cold Fountain. Among the majestic forest of Bussaco we also find the thermal resorts of Luso and Curia. The Termas do Luso, whose spring provides one of the most appreciated mineral water in the country, dates to the late 19th century, although the therapeutic properties of the water were already known a century before. About 15 kilometres away, you will find the Curia Therms. Here you breathe an environment of la Belle Époque! If the adventure stimulates your appetite, nothing better than trying Leitão à Bairrada accompanied by a pleasant regional sparkling wine. Enjoy your meal!

Aveiro (45 minutes – 65Km)

Known as the “Portuguese Venice”, stroll in a traditional moliceiro boat through the canals of the Ria de Aveiro and observe the artful houses that decorate the banks. But if you prefer, venture behind the wheel of a BUGA, the free bikes provided by the municipality, which are all you need to get around the city. Back in the city centre, surrender to the delicious regional sweets, where eggs and sugar perform magic. Take some time for a visit to the Vista Alegre Factory and allow yourself to be marveled by their ceramic pieces. Finally, go down to Costa Nova and enjoy the colorful Portuguese coast. The fishermen’s village is famous due to its wooden houses, decorated with white and bright colours. They resemble the old haystacks that served as warehouses and shelter for fishermen. If you are a nature lover do not leave without experiencing a hike at the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto..

Águeda (50 minutes – 48Km)

Águeda has one of the most beautiful and colorful streets in the world. Be sure to make a stop and take a truly Instagramable photo.

Sanctuary of Fatima (50 minutes – 85Km)

There are many places of prayer, but there is a world-renowned called the Sanctuary of Fátima. Every year visited by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world; here they find refuge and silence and moments to prayer.

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